Sailing the Cyclades

Featured on CoCo Lane

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Greece a few months ago. Not only did I make my way around the Cyclades islands, I did it by sailing. Greece is an incredible place to visit. Prior to visiting Greece, I spent quite a bit of time in mainland Europe, and loved it. This only made my visit to Greece more exciting. I couldn’t wait to see what the country had to offer. I started in Paros and made my way to Mykonos. The last stop was Santorini. Each island presented me with different scenes and landscapes. Paros and Naxos with it’s quaint small roads and homes in white stucco, Mykonos with nightlife and loads of restaurants to choose from, and finally, Santorini with its iconic blue domes, rocky cliffs and beautiful views. The towns were all incredible, but best of all was sailing the Aegean Sea. The water, the sun, and the wind, all made for the most magical experience. I had never seen such blue waters before, changing from blue to green all within meters of each other. Greece is truly a dream, it’s the perfect location for almost anything. You can go with friends on holiday, or get married in Santorini, or honeymoon on a sail boat cruising around the Cyclades.

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