Philly & Natura 1600

I took a short trip to Philadelphia armed with my Pentax K1000 and a few rolls of Fuji Natura 1600. This was going to be the day I test out new film. I never used Natura before, especially since it's not easy to come by. It was originally made and sold only in Japan, it wasn't until recently that I found a few rolls on Amazon- good ol' trusty Amazon.

I rated my meter at ISO 1600 and aperture at 5.6 since I was photographing cityscapes, and not portraits. The day was very dark and rainy, and the indoor spaces I visited was even darker. After getting the film developed and seeing the results, I've concluded that the film is great. However, all my images when rated at 1600 were a little underexposed. For future use, I would rate it at 800 or push +1 stop in development. Another feature to note is that Natura's reds are very saturated and can cause the whole image to have a red hue. To correct this, I made some minor edits in Lightroom.

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