Prague City Streets

Featured on TEAL Magazine

The city of Prague is as colorful as any other European city, but with a certain undertow of grittiness. Something about the city made me feel that way even though it was incredibly beautiful in every sense of the word. Old Town Square is gorgeous, with bricks and structures containing years of history, but there was still a sense of darkness or mystery to it.

Since it was summer, the crowds were thick and the streets full of cars. Trying to compose a photo without someone stepping in front of the camera was hard, but not impossible. I found myself waking up early just to walk the bridges above the Vltava River. It felt peaceful to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the city when others were sleeping, or stumbling home drunk from a night of dancing.

My visit to the Czech Republic inspired me. I don’t shoot in black and white nearly as much as I should, and I’m reminded of that every time I see the developed images. There’s something so complex in its simplicity; like reality, deconstructed into basic parts, a little black, some grey, the rest white.

Pentax 645NII

Kodak T-Max

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