Family Time, The Holidays 2017

I'm not in the practice of posting too much about my personal life on my business website other than travel, but sometimes it's nice for people to see my life and be able to connect with me. So here's a post about how chaotic the holiday season can be and my struggle with capturing those moments on film.

Usually journal posts contain perfectly shot and curated images of a complete session. Today I'm posting the chaos of Christmas and the family. This Christmas, I brought along my very old Pentax K1000 and shot a few rolls of the family, especially my niece enjoying the holiday season. I encountered a few hurdles when I was shooting. First, the light during gatherings were pretty low, I had to work with a shutter speed of 1/15 when using 400 speed film, and about 1/30 when shooting with Ilford 3200. Second, Adeline is a two year old and two year olds do not like to sit still. She moved so fast, I was constantly chasing her around trying to get a photo. In the end, I was able to get a few properly exposed and posed images, but the other pictures are the reality of our holiday. They're blurry, messy, and underexposed, but Adeline's expressions and her joy- priceless.