Paris in Springtime

What is there to say about Paris in the springtime, except "WONDERFUL". On this trip I brought along my medium format camera. It's a heavy beast, but well worth it. I had two lenses with me, the 75mm and then 45mm. I ended up using the 45mm the entire time. The 45mm is great in that it gave me the width necessary for landscape shots in crowded places and has an f/2.8 just like my 75mm portrait lens. I didn't run into many issues regarding camera/lens functionality, but I did find taking pictures at night was difficult. There were some areas that were well lit, such as the Moulin Rouge. However the rest of the city, though it is the city of lights, was still too dark for a handheld film camera.

After using the 45mm extensively during this trip, I noticed that it has a different overall look than my 75mm. It's hard to explain, but there seems to be a yellowish tint to all my 45mm lens images. I made sure to use the same lab, same lab technician, and the same type of scanner, yet still, a bit of yellow. I had to spend a little more time post processing these images than I usually do with the 75mm images. Even with the difference, I still think the 45mm lens was great for traveling in a tight city and will continue to bring it along on my travels.

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