Baby Boy Luc

Taking photos of newborns are hard, but babies older than two weeks are even harder. By the time they're two weeks, they no longer sleep while you're photographing them. My nephew Luc was born on March 21, 2017. Sadly, I was on travel and didn't have the opportunity to take photos of him until he was almost three weeks old.

We did the shoot for Baby Luc around 4pm and by that time we were losing light in the apartment. The lack of light and a moving baby was challenging, but Luc was a sweetheart. Even though he was awake the whole time, he barely fussed. He was squirmy though, which made it hard to pose him the way I wanted to. And since I couldn't pose him, I had to work with him. When he moved, I moved; this resulted in a candid photo shoot with variable outcomes.

I used my Contax N1 and the 50mm Carl Zeiss lens with Fujifilm 400h Pro. The light was low so I shot at a shutter speed of 1/60, trying my best to snap when Luc was still. For portraits, I prefer to overexpose my film quite a bit, as much as +3 stops. However during this shoot, I was shooting at metered speed. To compensate for the low light, I decided to have the lab push my film +1 stop. The entire shoot had me anxiously waiting for my film to be developed, but when the scans arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The light came out very good and most of the images were clear. I'm very happy with having the lab push my film. I may try pushing and pulling more in development and not just on camera.

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