Film Photography

Back to Basics: I am dedicating this Analog Blog to all things film. It will include film images and my experiences with film photography. I am in love with the romantic quality of shooting on film. There is a unique simplicity in its complexity. A need to perfect the art as well as embrace its flaws. I learned how to take pictures in 1996, using a completely manual Pentax K1000. Over the years, I transitioned into digital photography. However, in 2015 I decided to start utilizing film in my work; I have been in love ever since.

I still use the Pentax K1000 and added the Pentax 645NII medium format camera to my arsenal of beautiful cameras. The above images were taken with the 645NII using Kodak Portra 400 at Joshua Tree National Park. Film produces a beautiful quality which I am unable to achieve with digital photography. Film is as authentic as it gets. I rarely edit my film images and am completely grateful to all the wonderful labs for taking such good care of my film.

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